Manish Sisodia tables Delhi Budget, Education gets maximum share

Delhi government presented its annual budget on Mach 28. According to the budget, the government has set 25% of the total amount for the education sector. In this sector, they will be focusing mainly on the training programmes and infrastructure development. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, also holds the finance and education portfolio. Besides education, health and transport sector will also get a boost with the new budget.

manish sisodia delhi budget
Manish Sisodia at the Assembly before presenting the annual budget

Manish Sisodia had said earlier, “We will spend 25% of our annual budget (2016-17) on education. Perhaps, this is the highest percentage of the total budget to be spent on education sector in the country.”

VAT (value added tax) on garments and shoes will be standardized as per the new budget. This will be done because there are different kinds of taxes on different items and this thing tends to confuse everyone and nothing works in compliance.

In the last year’s budget, the government had allocated Rs. 9,836 crore to the education system, of which Rs. 4,570 was given under the plan outlay. There has been an increase of around 106% this time. According to a government official, “Government will focus on training programmes and physical infrastructure for educational institutions this year.”

The government is also expected to increase expenditure in the transport sector. Earlier it was also decided to buy 1,000 air-conditioned buses. As the second odd-even scheme is about to take off, this comes as a very handy decision at this point of time.

Delhi government will also be providing funds for 3,000 mohalla sabhas. In these areas, the locals will be given the right to decide as to what all civic projects will be carried in their areas. Additionally, an amount of Rs. 50 crore has been set as a part of the Aam Aadmi canteen. This has been modeled in the same way as that of the Tamil Nadu’s amma canteens. Aam Aadmi Canteen will help in providing food to migrants and workers in New Delhi.

Criticizing the budget, opposition leader Vijender Gupta, said, “The Delhi government is set to bring CNG under VAT during the budget session, which will cause inconvenience to the common man.”

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