Education Minister Manish Sisodia stressed over importance of moral education

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia spoke of teaching students white values in the country of black money. Sisodia was present in an award function in New Delhi organized by Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha Samiti. In his speech, the deputy chief minister conveyed some real useful words that would help the students to go ahead with a better future. He gave them an ideal to follow in a country that is mostly corrupted in many arenas.

delhi education minister manish-sisodia
Manish Sisodia stressed over teaching moral values to students in earlier stage

Sisodia said that students should be nurtured with good moral values than the zeal of earning money. Money, even though a very popular parameter to measure success in today’s world, it is not ideal. An individual ought to be evaluated by his moral values and his contribution to the mass, more than the bank balance he stores. He gave a call to the students to instill good values in them from the very beginning. As it will not only help the society but also place them a step ahead in the history of humanity.

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Sisodia, Deputy CM as well as Education Minister of Delhi said that criticism of the running education system out negative impacts in the way of teaching the students. We teach them autobiographies to develop ideals and that can be a good way to shape their personality but does not ensure that proper human values are imbibed in them for better values. Hence, it should be a mandate to help them develop moral values than knowing people who had developed moral values before.

He further added in his speech stressing on the need of value-based education that it is needed to reshape the society that has been going haywire for a long time. Moral values are lessening in people. From taking bribes to misbehaving with co-workers, rape, and indulgence in other crimes is increasing. If good values are incorporated in a human from the very bud, one will be driven by a certain confidence that will not make them indulge in crimes. This can be very effective way to stop criminal activities in the nation in its coming days, should the education system imply it properly.

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CBSE Chairman Satbir Bedi spoke in solidarity to the minister’s thoughts that the education system should stress more on making children good human beings more than making them good salary earners. Mr. Bedi spoke more echoing the minister’s speech that if the society consists of good human beings in the coming days, if individual contribution can be a parameter of success, we will see good days soon.

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