Manipal University to ditch pen and paper mode in exams; goes digital

In a unique initiative of ‘Green Manipal’, Manipal University is going to scrap pen and paper mode in the examinations. Instead, the mode of answering the paper will be made through tablet and stylus. It would seem awkward to write on an electronic screen, a tedious derivation of ‘Fourier Analysis’ with a stylus but it certainly is going to happen.

This Device is developed by ‘Little More Innovation’ Lab situated in Chennai. It is designed to give a feeling of paper to write. A student can also use different colours to underline and do rough work. Also, students would not have to carry admit card as the tablet would already encompass with biometric of the individual student.

Additional features of the tablet include the standby time of 12 hours when once charged fully. And, it can get unlocked only with the fingerprint of genuine students. The exam paper will be uploaded by the server just before the exam and it will automatically shut when allotted time gets complete.

The authorities said it was initially difficult to convince students and parents about the introduction of tablets but eventually, positive response came which led the university to expand the feature. The university is planning to make the use of the tablet across the university especially in Manipal Institute of Technology.

Mixed responses are coming from all the university’s students. But, it is to keep in mind that this introduction can remove malpractices and it will be even to all the students. Talking about compatibility, everyone should think that use of kindle was something like that but it got accepted universally with the passage of time.

However, it is a topic of ‘classic vs techie’ which can draw different conclusions. With the improving technology, everyone in the society will have to encounter different and new innovations which will become classic after a prolonged time.

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