Mallika Ghanti becomes first ever Woman Vice Chancellor for Kannada University

Mallika GhantiMallika Ghanti who is a writer and academician has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the 22 year old Kannada University, thus becoming the First Women to be appointed as the Vice Chancellor of this old prestigious University. Moreover it a matter of great pride that she is also among the few women who have been selected till date to be the Vice chancellor in any of the Universities located in the state of Karnataka.

Kannada University is also known by the name Hampi Kannada University or Hampi University, Kannada University. The public University was established in the year 1991 by the Government of Karnataka with an aim to promote the Kannada Language and the literature, traditions, culture, and folklore of Karnataka.

Talking about Mallika Ghanti by profession, she is a famous writer who is very outspoken. She is also one of the agitators who were part of the struggle on getting the ban lifted on entry of women in Kumaraswamy temple, near Sandur. She has written several works of poetry and literary criticism that are till date acclaimed and appreciated in India and abroad.

As per the views of Prof. Ghanti she has been the student of the famous scholar M.M. Kalburgi who was shot dead recently. She used to consider him as one of her guiding spirits. Prof. Ghanti is of the firm view that publication wing is the strength of any university.

On interviewing she said, “I would like to develop the university as envisaged by the founder Vice-Chancellor, Chandrashekar Kambar and other Vice-Chancellors including my guru Kalburgi. They have set a tradition on how the Kannada University should function.” Further she said that she would remain in touch and will always consult all the senior litterateurs and research scholars associated with University or the state of Karnataka.

Further she added “Like my predecessors, I want to give top priority to publishing books on research carried out by the university, get good literary works of other languages translated into Kannada and vice-versa, which will broaden the outreach of the university.”

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