Make in India: Government of India to develop Intellectual Property regime

Indian Government revealed it’s decision on Monday to develop an Intellectual property (IP) regime along with the formulation of a multi-pronged strategy. The entire program promotes the creativity of ‘Make in India’ that comes out with the real time inspiration.

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Points to Note : Here are given the important points that are included in the cards and should be revealed to the society :

* Additional 1033 plan posts have been developed that even incorporate 666 posts for patents and design. There would be 367 posts allotted for trademarks and GI for various levels.

* You can easily get access to e-filling options for applications of trademark accompanied with 2 types of advantages: 24X7 access and you can fill out the applications sitting at your place.

* Also, you can find user-friendly payment gateway including the use of Debit and Credit Cards along with internet banking facility with over 70 banks. So, without any worries you can easily make the payment while submitting the form.

* You can even get a 10% rebate for online applications that would help you to save your hard earned money.

* Madrid protocol is the feature that’s being implemented to protect the international trademarks in over 90 countries. You need to fill out the form in one single language along with a set of fees at the Trademarks registry.

* MSMEs can even acknowledge a fee concession that would serve as an inspiration protecting their inventions. They can get access to 50% fee reduction scheme allowing them to go ahead.

* Also the awareness schemes on IPRs have been arranged by IPO in collaboration with industry associations, educational institutions and chamber of commerce.

* National as well as international seminars are also being organized on IP that can be used by valid IP users.

* In addition, there will be options for e-learning that would be useful to make public aware of the virtual classes accompanied with the smarter approaches.

* International Preliminary Examination Authority and International Search Authority would come out as the useful ways producing the detailed reports. It would include international players like JPO, USPTO, EPO with lowest prices that would help them to succeed.

* IP awareness programs would even reveal the stakeholders about their rights along with the benefits they can receive through proper registration. You can follow the portal on the website of CGPDTM where you can explore updates regarding manifold features of IPR.

So overall, these are the attributes included in “Make in India” program that would really help public to discover a new phase equipped with the advanced facets.

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