Maharashtra makes way for new Digital Classrooms

The Indian education sector is now in a state of transition. Thanks to the advent of digital learning technologies, our education system has started witnessing some positive transformations. So, in this phase of transition, on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis launched the new facilities of virtual and digital classrooms.

The Chief Minister also announced an initiative to make these classrooms and course content 3D enabled and use of simulators to give hands-on training to youths. Newly-inducted Minister for Skill Development and Labour Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar was also present at the event, held in suburban Andheri.

However, access to modern and high-tech education remains a major challenge for many students. The new Digital India initiative, undertaken by the incumbent government, is expected to address the issue. Digital classrooms are slowly but steadily making inroads in the Indian education system. Numerous discussions are under way on the benefits of digitisation in education and how students stand to benefit from the e-education revolution. With increasing awareness, school authorities are warming up to this transformation, especially on adopting ERP solutions for their school administration and operations.

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After the launch, the Maharashtra CM also interacted with students of 32 ITIs across Maharashtra. The facilities will be soon extended to all ITIs which will open the doors of knowledge and bridge the rural, urban gap. At the same time, he also extended warm thanks to Tata Trusts, Wadhwani Foundation and Valuable Group for their valuable support. In the near future, he expects that the uniformity should be such that the ITI education in Mumbai should be equivalent to that in remote Gadchiroli district.

In brief about the skill development programs

Skill development training turned into human resources will play a significant role in ending unemployment and attribute to growth in diverse sectors. Skill development provides a great level playing field. Today, 40,000 students are taking up training in skill development of which 22,000 are girls. Hence all youngsters should realise the potential and power of skill development and jobs that knock at their doors. Through ‘Skill Sakhis’ the Maharashtra Government is working towards women empowerment,

About Maharashtra Mudra Yojna for students

Asserting that Maharashtra has taken the lead in MudraYojna where loan up to Rs 10 lakh can be availed without any guarantee. Therefore, Mudra scheme in tie-up with skill development has a potential to make every individual a self-reliant entrepreneur.

The traditional image of a teacher, standing in front a blackboard, and disciplining and lecturing a class of 40-50 students, won’t ring true in coming years. It is imperative for every teacher to take on the role of a mentor (rather than a disciplinarian) who encourages her students to leverage technology in their journey of knowledge discovery – and do this with same nurturing guidance as they always have.

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