Maharashtra Governor suggests for change in education system over poor standards

It is a matter of great concern that education standard at all level is declining at a very fast rate. This all is coming up when HRD ministry is gearing up to come up with new education policy after 29 years. Expressing concern over this trivial issue, Maharashtra Governor Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao expressed that need of the hour is world class education system which will produce leaders in every discipline as India is emerging and developing rapidly.

While addressing the gathering at the auspicious diamond jubilee celebrations of Chembur Education Society Maharashtra Governor C Vidyasagar Rao said, “At a time when India is emerging as a first rate global power, we cannot continue with an education system that churns out ordinary graduates lacking skills.”

maharashtra governor c vidyasagar rao
Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Governor suggested schools that they can invite scientists and researchers from institutions like TIFR, BARC, ICT and many other prestigious institutions to conduct sessions where students can interact with them and clear their doubts. Scientists and researchers can expose them to new ideas and experiments.

Further he was of the view that educational institutions located across Maharashtra and throughout India should collaborate with scientific institutions and institutions of higher learning to make learning enjoyable and exciting for students. When the learning will be made enjoyable and exciting for students, they will surely take interest in studies and as a consequence will secure good results thereby becoming the leader of the discipline concerned.

He also expressed his confidence that India has the potential to provide teachers to whole world and its citizens have the zeal to become teachers. The only initiative that is required to be taken is that the country should empower its teachers and strengthened the teachers training institutions.

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