Maharashtra Government declares Madrassas as Non-schools, Centre says ‘Madrassa a reality of India’

After the beef that carried the widespread controversy for the entire country, Maharashtra Government decides on declaring Madrassas in Maharashtra as non-schools. Hence, students of Madrassas are becoming “out-of-school” children that’s a real concern for the country. And it has once again caused widespread protest all over the nation. Union Minister Muktar Abbas Naqvi said, Madrassas “are a reality of India” and “there should be no politics on the issue.”

maharashtra government declares Madrassas as non-schoolsIn a secular country of 1.25 billion consisting of 10% of the World’s Muslim population, the Madrassas truly are a reality of India. They are not only recognized as the religious learning centers but also providing the country with servicemen in various sectors ranging from govt. services to educational fields.

Considering them as “non-school students” is naturally not being accepted by the Elders of Indian Muslim community. And Aslam Sayyad who’s recognized as the HOD of oldest Madrassa in Shiroli, was established in 1952 stated in a very limpid manner that they will not be accept such a decision that reveals the mean human state of mind.

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The After-effect :

There has been a very mixed effect on the Ministry by this decision of Maharashtra Government Where one praises of Madrassas highly, showing instances of Madrassa students, another simply overrules and says that Madrassas are not properly equipped with modern educational techniques. Hence, they are incapable of being authorized as proper schools.

No matter what the truth is, there will be nothing more fortunate if the Madrassa students can be provided with modern educational techniques and can be termed as school students. The nation eagerly awaits for the next step of the Government for these recently tagged “non-school” students. In 2013 Congress Government privileged some of Madrassa students to follow mainstream education aided by an annual scholarship.

The question arising out of this controversy

On July 4, a survey was planned by the department of school education to sort out the “out-of-school” children in the state with the purpose of bringing them under proper formal education. This survey, however included the students of Madrassas, putting the first official impression on it. The chief secretary of state Swadheen Kshatriya, has issued a detailed notification on earlier May 20, which did not mention the Madrassas differently but carried a hint.

The President’s letter arrived a few days later, which stated that even though the Madrassas are not separately mentioned, theirs are to be considered out of school children. Later on, higher authorities stated that this decision was taken to make Madrassa school students bring into the light of formal school education. But in a country where 29.5% people are below poverty line, how effective this decision will be, becomes a very relevant question.

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