Maharashtra Education Department extends dates for Scholarship exams

Maharashtra Education Department

Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam which were supposed to be conducted between September 14 and September 25, 2015 has been extended till September 30. Moreover, Maharashtra Education Department has issued the orders to the school that they can conduct the exams as per their convenience but before September 30, 2015. The Decision was taken when teachers’ organisations and school managements raised the objection that the exams are coinciding with the famous Ganpati Festival.

As per the statement given by a Senior official from the School Department, he was of the view, “We have now extended the date. So, it is up to schools to decide to conduct the exams, any time between September 14 and September 30. Those schools which will remain closed for Ganesh Chaturthi can conduct the exams early.”

The State Government of Maharashtra was compelled to issue a circular extending the dates on which the exams would be held. When the government finally made the announcement all the principals and teachers heaved a sigh of relief.

Uday Nare, a teacher from a suburban school, said, “The previous circular issued on Tuesday left students and schools with no option but to prepare and conduct the exams in a short span. Due to the Ganpati festival, which will be celebrated from September 17 – 27, most schools and students would have had to conduct the exams in the first three days itself as later the festival holidays would start. The extension in the dates for conducting the exam comes as a huge relief as it gives students and schools to prepare for the exams.”

When the state government was caught in the embarrassing situation when the orders issues by them were very much in contradiction to the circular issued regarding the holidays for Ganpati festival.Though both the orders were issued on the same day yet lack of coordination was very much visible in the education department. Finally the very next day numerous organisations that included legislator from teachers constituency Kapil Patil had met Nand Kumar, principal secretary for school education told him the problems that are being faced by the schools and students ahead of Ganpati Festival and Scholarship Exams. Then and there itself he asked the schools that nothing could be done in it and instead the schools should conduct the exam within first three days as Ganesh Chaturthi is supposed to be on September 17 but the pressure that mounted regarding the issue forced the department to extend the dates.

Finally a new circular was issued on Thursday i.e. September 10, 2015 by Dr Purshottam Bhapkar, commissioner of education from Pune in which it was clearly specified that the dates have been extended till September 30, 2015. Around three lakh school students in Maharashtra appear for the scholarship exams every year.

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