Maharashtra Education Department criticized for verifying degree of teachers of other states

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Recently, Maharashtra government announced that the degrees of all their appointed teachers are to be re-checked, especially of the one’s who have got their qualification from universities outside Maharashtra. But the question that comes up is that why only the outside universities degree holders? How is Maharashtra government sure that the degree holders of their state do not possess the bogus degrees?

In a democratic country like ours, if the different state governments do not approve degrees or qualifications issued by other states, then the day is not far off when people will start becoming jobless and there will be a tussle or fight amongst the states over migration. It is also an unanswered question why again and again all such problems come up in Maharashtra only?

The education department of Maharashtra has issued a circular to all south zone schools, asking authorities to verify their teachers’ qualification certificates. Now the question is why the South Zone schools only, why not in colleges or higher education institutions? How the Maharashtra Government is sure that everything is smooth over there and the entire faculty have the actual degrees.

The step taken by the Maharashtra Government may be due to public interest litigation filed by The Teachers Democratic Front (TDF) in the Bombay High Court against teachers who have secured jobs on the basis of bogus certificates. The step seems to be partial because just on the basis of a petition filed by TDF, how the Maharashtra government can take such a big decision.

Though the step taken by the Maharashtra government is really appreciable for there are many universities across the nation which are just on papers and offers degrees on the basis of payment. Eventually, so many people get employment and people with actual degrees suffer. So, when the degrees are readily available on payment of healthy amount, people in large number buy them and seek employment in private or public sector including schools, colleges and universities.

However, there exists a lot of difference in a person who is thoroughly educated and the one who has purchased the degree by paying the lump sum. On one hand, there is a person who has taken the degree after toiling hard day and night. This person always makes sure that he/she teaches his/her students, the best. While, on the other hand, is the one who has just bought the degree. What will he/she teach is in itself a good question? The learned will always think about giving the best to their pupils and will every now and then come out with new ways.

In the same manner, as Maharashtra government, other states’ or central government should also take such initiative on their part. This is so to make the Indian education system a lot better. Each and every Hon’ble HRD Minister try to prove their worth and their hold over education by conducting new experiments, but on the ground level they should also make sure that the teachers appointed are real teachers and no the one’’s holding bogus degrees.

UGC on its part, keeps on trying that it closes such universities which are offering bogus degrees. Instead of trying, the commission should come up with a firm policy, wherein strict action could be taken against such universities.

Moreover, as per the latest release, Ministry of Human Resource and Development is coming up with a plan wherein not only the teachers will assess students’ performance in the examination but also students will be given the power they always wanted – to rate their teachers! Now the students have the full right to participate in the performance appraisal of their respected teachers.

As per the research study, a teacher’s ability, knowledge and her method of delivering is one of the most critical factors that affect the learning outcomes of children. The education system in India, while having made significant progress in many aspects, has left a lot to be desired. Unless there is significant improvement in governance of teachers who really deserve the best, the education system of India cannot progress and be best across the world.

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