Maharashtra Congress will protest for 5% Muslim quota in Education

State wide protests would be held next month in Maharashtra as confirmed by Maharashtra Congress recently in a meeting held in Mumbai. The reason for the protests is to press the government for demand of quota for Muslims in the field of education. Protests across Maharashtra would be held on 7 September with an objective of secure 5% quota for Muslims in education sector.

muslim quota in education
Maharashtra Congress will stand for obtaining 5% reservation for Muslims in education sector

Ex-congress minister Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan said that quota for Muslims in education was partly supported by Bombay High Court and needed to be put to action by spreading of the order. He also stated that a memorandum would be given to collectors in all the districts regarding this issue.

The ex-congress minister added that for implementation of 5% quota for Muslims in education, protests would be held on 7 September across the State. He further added that intensity of the protests would increase if the state government fails to meet the demand.

It was to be noted that in March 2015, BJP government had removed the order providing reservations for the Muslims although Bombay high Court allowed quota for Muslims in educational sectors. At that time, Congress severely criticized Devendra Fadnavis government and said steps and legislative action taken by BJP were controlled by communalism principles. Mumbai city congress chief Mr Sanjay Nirupam also spoke about the unrest that existed in the state of Maharashtra because of the quota issue.

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