Mafias offering ‘cheating packages’ to students in UP board exams

Digest this: the Mafias in Uttar Pradesh are offering ‘cheating packages’ to students, their parents, ensuring them of the help.

While the people across the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh are feeling joyous over the “Anti Romeo Squad” formed by the newly appointed CM to stop eve teasing, does anybody has time to know the malpractices being adopted in this state for cheating in the Board Exams?

In Mathura district of UP, the students who take the Board exam sit with their desks joined unlike the students of other Board or states who sit on different table chair, at distance of one hand horizontally and vertically. Yeah!! Not to forget there is a teacher invigilator in the class. Has the invigilator been paid ransoms to keep the mouth shut? Is invigilator supporting the children in all such bad practices? All these questions are unanswered and will remain so.

As per a report by Times of India, men dictated answers from the window to the students writing exam inside the venue, and nobody stopped them. It seems like the authorities turned their eyes blind.

The local contact or we can say the person hired for writing the exam has assured me that by the time he/she will reach the school, a message would have been flashed and “everything there would be normal. They can just walk into the hall where students are taking the exams, no questions will be asked. And they are right, so much so that nobody except the cops raised the question that “who are you”? There are parents, students and teachers, all milling around.

UP board exam cheating casesMore surprising is the fact that all of a sudden a voice booms out from one of the windows “Pehla wala khatam ho gaya? Ab doosra likho (You’ve written the first answer? Now write the second one).” A cheating mafia man then patiently dictates one answer after another until he finishes the whole paper.” This is much similar to the recently launched State V/S Jolly L.Lb where in the starting Akshay Kumar aka jolly dictates the answer of English paper to the students of the school; in a very humorous way and in return charge the fee.

But here the case is different. “Spotters” on motorcycles are parked strategically every 500 metres or so on the road to an exam centre in the Mathura district. Their job is to send out an alert to “embedded moles” if anyone suspicious approaches the test centres. What is this actually going on? Can anyone out their give all these things a proper definition and adopt some steps to end such practices which are ultimately keeping the future of India’s youth in complete darkness. And youth themselves are not feeling ashamed. How their life or India as a whole will progress. And then we demand reservation in every job sector!!

Another incident thus witnessed is where the parents are sitting beside their children and writing the papers with more concentration. Teachers are strolling around, but are ignorant as if the cheating is invisible to them. The students are talking loudly and dictating answers to each other. After a question is finished, someone trots up to a tout standing outside and prompts him to start the next answer. All this takes place right under the nose of college authorities and police.

From the sources it has been revealed each of these students had paid anything between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000 for “help” from the cheating mafia, also called “nakal mafia” locally. These “cheating packages” — of Rs 5,000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 — have been specially designed by the mafia to meet the needs of “all kinds of students”.

While Rs 5,000 is charged from students who come and write their papers with the help of their own cheating material, Rs 10,000 is charged from students who opt for dictation of the correct answers. The highest package, of Rs 15,000, is for students who just come to mark their attendance and their papers are written by touts and their agents.

When the SDM was cross questioned he admitted that this problem existed and blamed school authorities for it. He said the police was trying its best to stop this but the mafia always found ways to hoodwink them. Further it was informed that so far 55 students have been caught for cheating and their copies marked out. And the final decision on the fate of these kids would be taken by the education board.

District education officer, Mathura, Indra Prakash Singh said he has issued notice to 35 schools in Mathura, asking them to “give in writing” that cheating has not taken place at their centres. He said if he gets any evidence of cheating, such schools would be blacklisted for five years. What else evidence he requires now? It seems that the police officers are just having a blind eye or their stomachs have been filled with tons of money.


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