Madrasa board scrapped in a bid for education reform in Assam; Minister

The education Minister of Madras, Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday declared that the state government has decided to leave the Madrasa Board. The minister informed via Twitter that the Madrasa board will be closed and the academic session will be handed to the Board of Secondary Education.

He further added that the state govt wants to promote modern learning like introducing computers to the schools. Sarma had drawn criticism for asking madrasas not to observe a holiday on Friday which they were practicing. “Madrassas remain closed on Fridays in Pakistan and Bangladesh,” The Education Minister also said that the government will make examinations mandatory from class five in all schools.

“Earlier, there were no exams till Class eight. Now we want to change it to class four. After that, there will be examinations,” Sarma said. He even said that Sanskrit board will also be dissolved and it would be looked after by the Kumar Bhaskar Varma, Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University.

Sarma posted on Facebook that we are restructuring to reform. His announcement came after five months as he has asked madrasas to stop remaining shut on Friday and shift their weekly off daily to Sunday like other education institutes.

What is Madrasa education system?

It is a system in which schools or institutions are based on the Islamic religion. The first informal madrasa was built in the early 14th century by Shah Ziauddin, a close follower of Hazrat Shah Jalal, the famous Sufi of Bengal and Assam. The main function of the Madrasa was to train Muslims, mainly the newly converted ones about the Islamic religion. The official language of teaching these madrasas is Urdu which is not the local language in Assam. For students who are doing senior level Madrasa the major subject is Arabic literature which consists of poetry, grammar, Quranic translation and interpretation and about their culture. The students of madrasas want specialization in the above subjects in their own institutions. These are run by their own community members by collection charity and donation.

Madrasa Education system in Assam

This education system was set up in Assam in the year 1934. Nine schools were running under it. After 1947 that is after independence this board was renamed as State Madrasa Education Board, Assam. It has 700 Madrasas running under it.

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