Madras High Court comes to the rescue of SVS College, orders to unseal the campus

Seven months earlier, the incident that jolted the campus of SVS College of Naturopathy and Homeopathy is now again concerned. The Madras High Court finally allowed to remove the lock and seal on the college which was made due to the suicide of three students.

On January 25, three girl students, Monisha, Saranya, and Priyanka, were found dead in a well near the college. They left behind a suicide note, putting allegations on the management of extortion and torture. This infuriated people to cause protest. Immediately, the district administration sealed the college to prevent management team from entering the college to remove evidence, if any, and also to prevent from damage to college property from anti-social elements. Also, the college chairman Vasuki Subramanian and her son were arrested.

Madras High Court Justice M Sathyanarayanan issued a signal of relief to the management to unlock the seal of the college. Villupuram district collector, in a letter, favored the removal of lock and seal in the college as he noticed that the law and order situation has improved than earlier and students were accommodated in alternative colleges.

The District Collector issued a report saying, “The intention to seal college were done in the interest of students and institution. The demands of agitators, including alternative arrangements for students who lost their education, have been made. The case is now being dealt by CB-CID. Law and order situation is under control enough to remove the seal.”

Also, most of the properties on the premises have already been damaged. It would be healthy for authorities to remove the seal and handover the college in the hand of the management.

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