Lucknow University to offer technical courses from next session

Lucknow University is one of the most renowned universities in the nation. Students from all around the nation seek admissions in the Lucknow University to pursue several management courses. There are several universities in India which offer engineering/technical courses and also management courses on the same campus grounds. Following this trend, the Lucknow University has also decided to offer the choice of technical courses to its students from the next session onwards which commences in June-July 2017.

The second campus of the Lucknow University is currently offering only management courses, however, according to the plans, it will now offer technical courses as well. The vice chancellor of the University, S P Singh, recently said, “A faculty of engineering will be set up on LU second campus after which affiliation will be given to associated colleges too but the first step is to set up a framework for running the course.”

A dedicated committee will be formed and headed by experts in several technical fields, comprising the professors of multiple engineering colleges, in order to decide on the structure of the course, norms of the course required infrastructure as well as admission procedure. Apart from this, two professors from universities will also be invited to be a part of deciding the given parameters.

The syllabus of the courses provided is to be decided by keeping the need of industry in mind so that the fresh graduates from the university have no difficulty in finding a suitable job. Also, several views from various industries are to be kept in mind while drafting the curriculum of the course. The adoption of a view of fresh graduates from other universities will also be kept in mind so that a better understanding of the need of current industries can be well established, and problems faced by graduates after their graduation in terms of placement and job acquisition can be abolished. A focus on practical application of the theoretical knowledge will be given to ensure the removal of redundant and unnecessary chunks of the syllabus.

“Having an engineering department will support the university economically too with a better fee structure,” said the VC.

Offering a technical course on the same grounds as offering a management course is an idea which will cater to the needs of students that are looking forward to being engineers with a management degree in order to secure higher-paid jobs.

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