Logic or Excuse : Online petition for cancellation of Anna University exams

The students of Anna University might be feeling proud of themselves for they have received 22,000 supporters in a day for the online petition that has been posted on the online platform change.org. But the bitter fact of the story is – if on one hand they have written the students have lost the much needed textbooks and even the hall ticket then on the other hand this can be considered as a prank as to skip studying because the petition openly requests a ‘minimum grade for all’.

They petition might have received 8,400 signatures in less than 48 hours due to some reasons that have been posted on the forum. Abhishek R sums up the complaints of most when he penned: “The entire State has got rattled because of rain. Most of the students have lost their study materials. Their routine has gone off order. Parts of the city are still flooded so some have no place to live, and even if they do, electricity problems kill the entire regime.”

The maximum reasons quoted include destroyed textbooks and a general disillusionment post the effects of the rains, there are others that may make one wonder whether it is fair for students to write these exams at all. One of the students, Ajith Kumar has said, “There is no time for teachers to finish the portions because of three weeks leave.” Ironically, this comes after the semester exams were postponed once already. The rescheduled date for the exams to begin is December 2, provided the rain gods don’t decide to strike again.

The petition was posted by the ‘AntiExam Community’ on the online platform change.org. The students have urged Anna University authorities to cancel all semester exams in view of the damage caused by rain and floods. The petition began on Wednesday and has received 32,046 signatures at the time of posting this update.

The petition states: “With the never stopping rain and floods that have surrounded Chennai and other districts, disturbed the daily regime of the citizens, conditions for the students also has become pathetic. Already the exams that were scheduled to be held from November 16 to 28 are postponed. Many students are not able to concentrate and many have lost their study materials in floods. It is also difficult for the students to travel to their colleges and also to arrange for food accommodations. Please consider this request and officials should take needed actions.”

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