Leftist parties AISA and SFI- AIDSO against CBCS in DUSU Polls

AISA against CBCS in DUSU Polls

Elections in Delhi University are just few days ahead and one issue that has been discussed several times ‘Choice Based Credit System‘ is one of the soaring issue to be taken. Left parties are taking this as an opportunity and are ready to fight the elections making the issue their main agenda for students’ union elections. The All India Students Association (AISA) also started campaign during the last month with name “Students’ Feedback on CBCS” to collect opinions from first year students about their so far experience with regard to CBCS in the first few weeks, survey largely indicating that students are unhappy with CBCS implementation in the University academics.

Thousands of students took part in the campaign, one member of AISA informed, “The students overwhelmingly put forward their demand to review the course structure. AISA reiterates its demands to review the course structure and roll back CBCS before it can pose a major harm to the future of lakhs of students.” He further said, “Most of the students complained about the reduction in honors papers. They said the dilution of honours papers will actually land them nowhere as they have come to DU to get specialised knowledge in a particular stream.”

Talking about the campaign, President of DU AISA, Aman Nawaz said, “After getting the feedback we will analyse it and put forth the concern of students regarding CBCS in front of varsity authorities and governments, and we will intensify our campaign for the cause.” Supporting their chances in the elections, he said, “Our panel is very experienced and strong and we are more confident that we will be claiming victory. Anybody who thinks we are not contenders is hugely mistaken. We have been the real contenders since 2013. This year we stand even better chance.”

He assured that AISA will be taking important issues like CBCS issue, grading system, lack of choices, more hostels, Metro Pass, U-Special and Girls special Buses, Room-Rent control Act, Gender Sensitization Cells (GSCASH) in every college, better infrastructure, better laboratories, better canteen and student representation in decision making among the students.

Candidates for the Delhi University Student Union elections from AISA are : Sheetal Bhopal of Hindu College for President, Sudhanshu Shekhar from Sri Aurobindo College for Vice-President, Ravi Kumar from Ramjas College for Secretary and Abhinav Kumar from Deshbandhu College will contest elections for Joint Secretary post.

Other major group, the Students Federation of India (SFI) has also joined hands with All India Democratic Students Organisation (AIDSO) to fight DU Students’ Union elections. Cosidering the eligible candidates for the elections, SFI has chosen one candidate from AIDSO. Ashraf Ali, 2nd year student from Motilal Nehru Evening College will be contesting for the post of Secretary from AIDSO. Other 3 candidates from the SFI-AIDSO alliance are : Chand Mahal Ruby from Ramjas College for President, Qasim Masumi, 1st year student of MA Social work for Vice-President and Ashish Chauhan from Zakir Husain Evening College will contest for the post of Joint Secretary.

Prashant Mukhrjee, SFI leader said, “This year’s DUSU elections are being contested in the backdrop of academic chaos and confusion in the university. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), which is the latest in the series of haste and unplanned reforms, has thrown the entire University into disarray”. He also added, “92 per cent of students had earlier rejected these spate of ‘reforms’, in a referendum conducted by us. We believe that CBCS is the main agenda on which the upcoming DUSU elections will be fought.”

Presidential post candidate from SFI-AIDSO alliance, Ashraf Ali said, “Apart from CBCS, we will be raising the issues of hostel facilities for all outstation students, implementation of rent control, infrastructural expansion, opening of new colleges, affordable transport facilities, functional and elected anti-sexual harassment committees among the students.”

AISA started a unique “One Rupee Campaign” aiming for a clean DU Students Union politics. “AISA, through its campaign, is collecting Re 1 from students with a pledge that it will vote for a clean candidate and clean up DUSU politics. CYSS is freely distributing pens and diaries with the names of its candidates. As election draws close, students will be distributed liquor and movie tickets. We hope each student, who has donated Re 1, will come out and vote to keep the pledge,” President of AISA said. Delhi government’s ruling Aam Aadmi party’s has formed CYSS for DU student Union polls this year. The party has offered 1 lakh jobs and will also launch Higher Education loan scheme coming 8th September ahead of University’s polls day.

The voting will take place in two phases (morning and evening) on 11 September while counting of votes would start on 12 September and hence the results will be announced thereafter.

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