Lebanon launches new education drive for Syrian refugee children

Syrian refugee children whose normal life has been paused and almost morally devastated by the war sees new hopes holding the hands of the nation of Lebanon. Lebanon raises hopes for a school in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children who took shelter in the Country. The Lebanon government launched a new education drive in order to kindle hope in the children and to place them in a school for a proper education and a bright future. This is a major initiative without any doubt.

syrian refugee children getting education in lebanon
The Education Minister has made it clear that all children living in Lebanese territory will be provided education

This initiative demanded a lot of money as the children concerned are huge in number. Nearly a one hundred million dollars have been raised for the cause. This money will fund the initiative in all round way. It will be made use of both inside and outside the classroom in order to get more children admitted and acquainted to the schooling services of the nation. But since Lebanon is a developing country it had to take uneducated Lebanese children in account of this initiative as well. In the end, it might turn out to be a venture that will cause help to all the unlearned children residing in Lebanon.

UNICEF is responsible for bringing this under the spotlight that more than 13 million children are being denied of basic education due to the conflicts between two nations. Thus, this initiative was set to motion.

The Lebanese education minister said in a press conference that they are taking up this project to provide education to all children living in Lebanese territory. No discrimination will be made on the basis of origination. This project mainly powered and funded by UN agencies and international NGOs collected 94 million dollars. The project is designed to provide education to 200,000 refugee children of Syria and 166,000 children of Lebanon.

The plan is in motion already as Lebanese government started placing students in schools for giving them a start as early as possible. The Lebanon Government set up a summertime catch up course for those who missed on major parts of study. But due to the brawl and disturbances caused by war, the ten thousand who applied in the summer-time catch up course did not turn up completely. A half of the number took part in the summer-time catch up course giving the government a picture of how difficult it is going to be to carry out the whole initiative effectively. Now, time will tell how successful this initiative of Lebanon government is going to be.

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