Lamborghini joins hands with MIT to build Next Generation Supercars

In an attempt to ponder upon the future of a light-weight, sturdy and innovative automobile brand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has joined hands with Lamborghini to build the supercar of the future. On Wednesday at the Emtech conference at MIT in Boston, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali discussed the development and potential of Lamborghini’s long time work in the sphere of carbon-fiber technologies for automotive, consumer and aerospace industries with leaders from the university and other Italian Companies and Trade agencies.

“We want people to think of us more and more as a trendsetter in the super luxury and sports car segment. MIT has always been a pioneer in innovation and we are proud to have signed this general agreement with such an illustrious institution, which will lead to the study of issues of mutual interest relating to the super sports car for the 3rd millennium,” remarked Domenicali.

Students from MIT will assist with research and development owing to a three-year sponsorship deal that Lamborghini signed with MIT for a sum that it has declined to reveal. The company is now in a position to tap more than 50 students who study abroad each year in Italy. “We often see a win-win: the combination of their analytical skills with the research creativity that comes from MIT’s students and researchers,” remarked MIT-Italy faculty director Carlo Ratti about these sponsorship deals. “I would expect something similar also in the case of Lamborghini.”

Similar to a 2007 partnership between Boeing and University of Washington in Seattle, experts think it’s still a tad too early to comment on what MIT is capable of contributing in the world of sports cars. However, Lamborghini R&D director Maurizio Reggiani has an immediate goal of modeling a hypercar for 2025, along with his keen interest in the “energy of the future”. “With the trend of hybridization and electrification, the weight of the car will improve dramatically,” he said.

“Our wish is to teach the world that forged composites are usable—but also can be used aesthetically. For us, it’s really good to have feet in Boston where there’s some of the best universities in the world with technological development,” he added.

As agreed upon, MIT and Lamborghini will sit and discuss upon some mutually beneficial endeavors too. That includes workshops, sharing notes and generally trying to think unlike anyone else in the industry today. As the release about the partnership puts it “this represents a step into the future for the automotive industry, with the ultimate aim of paving the way for a very ambitious project, namely a super sports car ready for the challenges of the third millennium.”

Serenella Sferza, Co-director of MIT-Italy Program, said, “MIT-Italy is a two-way bridge linking MIT and Outstanding Names in Italian Industry. It is hard for us to imagine a better partner than Lamborghini, and we are looking forward to the projects that this partnership will help us develop.”

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