KSOU submits application to UGC, hoping to get a positive response

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) confirmed on Saturday that it has submitted all the necessary documents to UGC as demanded by them and is hoping to get a positive response at the earliest before the admissions begin in June. The Vice Chancellor of the university has said that he has done all that he could so that the courses offered in the university are recognised by the UGC..

The acknowledgment granted to the university by Distance Education Council, New Delhi, in April 2008 expired in 2012-13. The UGC denied to renew the recognition from 2013-14 in the ground of violation of orders of MHRD, UGC norms and territorial jurisdiction. The Open University has curtailed losses of Rs 110 crores in two years after the de-recognition by the UGC. It was reported that the university allowed its programmes further than the state violating the norms o territorial jurisdiction. The KSOU signed MOUs with over 250 parties to conduct courses all over the country.

Addressing a press conference on January 21, the VC mentioned that the KSOU had submitted documentary evidence with all statistics, making the report of 15,000 pages. Other important information like students’ names, registration numbers, details of about 4400 study centres, 208 academic collaborations have been provided to the UGC as per its requirement. The VC also added that the UGC had been requested to de-link KSOU’s in-house academic programmes (non-technical) from academic programmes of Academic Collaborative Institutions (ACI) and enable it to carry on with its admission process. The KSOU has also requested the government to amend the KSOU Act, 1996. With this change, the KSOU seeks to remain restricted to its territorial jurisdiction which may help to get back the recognition by the UGC as soon as possible.

With the future of lakhs of students hanging by the thread, a petition was also filed against the rejection of jobs on providing KSOU degrees. Justice Abdul Nazeer had issue orders to the Karnataka State Service Commission to consider KSOU students for the selection of assistants and second division assistant. While it had been a long time since any serious action was witnessed from the university authorities for securing the career of its students, it has only been blaming the students for not extending support to the university.
With the fresh submission of the documents, it can be only hoped that the UGC is satisfied this time and the university can get back into its business by the beginning of the academic session this year.

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