KSOU gets support from HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

Moving forward the issue of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), the Union Minister of Human Resource and Development Prakash Javadekar has promised to give approval on non-technical courses. Now, KSOU can be out of the non-recognized list of University Grant Commission (UGC) and function with certain terms and conditions.
In the year 2102-13, UGC listed down KSOU as the unrecognized university on the terms of certain violations. KSOU had been founded out to stretch its programmes beyond the state, violating the guidelines on territorial jurisdiction. It had joined with around 250 collaborators to runs its courses.

A petition was filed by the KSOU to grant the recognition of UGC. The condition at the university is not so well and the students are reluctant to continue their education. Also, many students are facing the situation of job rejection on the basis of KSOU degrees. Also recently, Karnataka education minister remarked KSOU as the most corrupt university of the state.

On the meeting held between HRD Minister and Karnataka Higher education Minister Basavaraj Rayareddy, Mr. Javadekar took all the issues into consideration. He said the KSOU is long awaited for everyone and a final decision would come immediately.

HRD Minister clearly refused the recommendation of technical courses at the university and said he would favour only non-technical courses. He also strongly clarified that all the terms and conditions as per the UGC should be not be violated by the university.

An expert committee had visited the university after the petition was filed by the university. On the recommendation of the committee, UGC said that the university can extend its course within the premises of Karnataka but with only non-technical courses.

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  • कर्नाटका स्टेट ओपेन यूनिवरसिटी कर्नाटका का DE-RECOGNITION ना होता, अगर MONITORING जुम्मेदारी से की जाती, अगर नॉन-टेक्निकल कौर्सेस का RECOGNITION किया जाता है और टेक्निकल कौर्सेस का RECOGNITION नहीं किया जाता तो हजारों B॰TECH/M॰TECH/DIPLOMA स्टूडेंट्स के साथ अन्याय होगा चूंकि इन कौर्सेस का DURATION ज्यादा होने से इन्ही का ज़्यादा धन व समय बर्बाद होगा। आखिर ये भी तो UNIVERSITY के प्रचार-प्रसार के कारण ही यूनिवरसिटी के DISTANCE COURSE मे ENROLLMENT कराया।

  • I’m a student of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3rd sem. and waiting for more than 5 months for this decision….is the govt. trying to make it ploy for next Election ?

    • trying to make it ploy for next Election these are the correct words.

      The present government is doing nothing they are just saying ache din aane wale hain if this is it am afraid to see ache din aur ache din nahi dehkne

  • Why isn’t our ministers not taking serious n speedy steps to resolve this big issue? Why u people are playing with students’ career? What is d mistake of students? UGC wanted to cancel its grant, why only courses beyond 2012-13?don’t show your internal grudge towards poor students….. plz solve this quickly….

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