KPSC Mains Exam Suffers Question Paper Mix Up

KPSC Mains exam

Major goof up occurred at some of the examination centres in Bengaluru and Dharwad where Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) mains examinations for gazetted probationers were being held. This was so because the wrong question papers were distributed to the appearing candidates. The question papers related to subjects scheduled for next week were distributed due to a mix up at the printing centre.

The exam scheduled for September 19 was subjective i.e. the essay exam but the candidates got astonished when they were supplied with General Studies and Optional Geography Question Paper which was scheduled to be held on September 20 and 22 respectively.

As per the information received, candidates at one of the centres BBMP PU College, Magadi Road copied the whole question paper before returning it to the invigilator present. Futher on questioning, one of the appearing candidates told, “The invigilator took the wrong question papers back, distributed the Essay paper, and gave us 15 minutes extra.”

Students have filed a complaint to KPSC secretary Manoj Kumar Meena stating that, “The booklets issued to us had questions from General Studies and Optional Geography. Probably there were other papers too. This was noticed in room No.19 of the centre. We are worried at this development.”

In lieu of the same, Meena assured the candidates that they need not panic about the same as different set of question papers will be offered to them on September 20 and 22. The exam would be held as per schedule.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “he has sought an immediate report on the blunder from chief secretary Kaushik Mukherjee.”

An anonymous candidate told the media personnel’s present that they have been assured by KPSC that they will be supplied with different set of Question Papers for General Studies and Optional Geography. Further he added, “we are not convinced because each booklet runs into 100 pages. Is it possible for KPSC to print 8,000-odd booklets overnight, after changing the questions for General Studies, which is on Sunday?”

Upon the orders issued by the PC Hota Committee, this year the exam is being conducted after four years which means no exams were held after 2011 due to cash-for-post scam which was unearthed in 2013.

The scam-ridden 2011 gazetted probationers examination for 362 KAS posts was scrapped. The decision was taken on the basis of the CID report according to which it was found that crores of rupees were paid to KPSC members to secure posts of assistant commissioner, revenue; deputy SP; assistant commissioner of commercial taxes; tehsildar; and state accounts officer.

The newly launched KPSC exam system is pretty much similar to that of UPSC in which the theory marks are not revealed to the interviewer. In the previous system, the interviewer knew the marks scored by a candidate in the written test. This gave room for negotiation for higher grading in viva-voce, to get a “good” posting.

Shocking Things:

  • Candidates are given the General Studies and Optional Geography papers
  • Thereafter they copied as much questions as they can in the two papers
  • Some students complain to KPSC authorities and voice their concern
  • KPSC secretary assures the students by saying that different sets of General Studies and Optional Geography papers will be given
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