Kolkata Flyover mishap leaves 18 dead, Rescue work on progress

Around 18 people died and hundreds are feared to have been trapped under the flyover that has fallen in Kolkata on Thursday morning. The flyover known as Vivekanand Bridge was under-construction which fell over those who were moving in their vehicles under the flyover.

kolkata flyover accident
So far 18 people have been reported dead in the flyover mishap, rescue work is on

The shares of the construction company IVRCL Infrastructure, which was associated with the construction work of the collapsed flyover has fallen by 11%. This company had the contract with the collapsed flyover known as the Vivekanand bridge in Kolkata. As soon as the incident happened, the employees of the company left their Hyderabad office.

As the earliest rescue attempts, People residing in that area took out people with their bare hands, without any aid. People were trapped under a 100 metre length of metal and cement which fell off at once and came crashing down in a commercial area, Girish Park. The bridge is located in a densely populated area, BarraBazar and hence the damage is that much.

Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee also arrived at the site, cutting short her election campaign. She said, “We will take every action to save lives of those trapped beneath the collapsed flyover. Rescue is out top priority.” She further added that those who are responsible for the disaster will not be spared. According to the Kolkata police, around 30 people were immediately rushed to the hospital and they are trying to rescue as many as they can.

A local newspaper had recently reported recently that Mamata Banerjee wanted this flyover to be constructed by the month of February. She is also being asked a lot of questions based on the safety of the flyover.

One of the eye-witness said, “There was a sudden sound, like an explosion and then we saw the flyover collapsing. Underneath the flyover, at the time there were many who were just sitting, trying to escape the sun. This happens every day – hawkers, labourers rickshaw pullers come there when the sun is at its peak to sit down peacefully and have a meal.”

Army along with disaster management groups, Kolkata police and Fire and Emergency services are at the site helping out the people. Gas cutters are being used by the officials of the DMG to rescue trapped people. People of the area feel that there might be around 150 people which are trapped under the debris. The flyover was an object of controversy and several residents had complained about the same, because of the kind of congestion that it used to cause.

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