Kirron Kher blames current education system for making students ‘bookworms’

Kirron Kher, a local MP, on Monday, seemed to be disappointed by our education system, which being the reason she said that our current education system should re-look and should not produce youngsters which are bookworms.

Rote learning is something that does not come naturally to any student. It entirely depends on the upbringing of the student. A child is burdened with a lot of expectations from all ends- be it their parents, friends, and relatives. The conditioning of the child is done in a certain manner that he/she becomes a bookworm.

Kirron Kher

She was present at the inauguration of Punjab University Youth and Heritage Festival 2016-17 for Zone B at MCM college in sector 36. She posed a question to the educationists and the teachers and said, “Think about a student who has scored 97 per cent or 98 per cent marks in matriculation examination or at Plus-II level. That student must have been glued to his books all the time, spending no time to play or indulge in creative activities.”

She further added, “If college cut-offs are above 90 per cent in a particular class, then where would mediocre students with 60 per cent or 70 per cent go. Students who secure 60-70 per cent marks are also intelligent, but they could not get admission in courses of their choice for scoring lower marks than the toppers.”

She also said, “Society needs youngsters with well-developed personalities and not just bookworms.” There is a lot that an educationist and a teacher can do to make sure that the student does not become a bookworm.

Principals from other colleges also said the same. Charanjeet Kaur Sohi, principal, Guru Gobind Singh College for Women in Sector 26, said, “The students need to be fully developed and not just be confined to studies. Those who don’t get their choice of courses should opt for skill development courses which will lead them to job opportunities. What is worrying is that the students even after completing their degrees are left in the lurch as they get no jobs. Efforts should be made to improve this scenario.”

Sudha Katyal, principal, Home Science College in Sector 10, said, “The education system needs a complete overhaul. Instead of focusing solely on academic grades, the criteria for admission to educational institutions must be multi-dimensional. In addition to academic grades, institutions should give considerable wieghtage to students’ participation in co-curricular activities.”

In the year 2012, Chetan Bhagat also addresses this issue at Ravindra Bhawan, Bhopal. He said that students are being forced to mug up things. And this has a very bad impact on their image and personality.

Our current education, if they try, can offer a solution to this problem. The students should never be forced to mug up. It is very important for a parent and a teacher, both, to understand what a student wants to achieve in life and help him/her in achieving the goal.

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