Apollo Hospital, South Delhi in limelight for all wrong reasons

A kidney transplant racket has been busted recently by the Delhi Police. The racket was busted in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Delhi, known as Apollo Hospital. Five men have been arrested in connection with the case, out of which two work in the hospital. An innocuous disagreement because of the non-payment of money brought the matter in front of everyone. The accused have been identified as Aditya Singh, Shailesh Saxena, Aseem Sikdar, Devashish Moulik and Satya Prakash.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, MS Randhawa, “Singh and Saxena have been working for the last three years as personal assistants of a senior nephrologist, while the other accused acted as middleman.” He further added, “During the raid that took place on Thursday, we recovered some fake voter ID cards and Aadhaar Cards from their possession. A case was later registered and they were arrested.”

Delhi Police has busted a kidney trade racket at Apollo Hospital and arrested 5 people for further investigation
Delhi Police has busted a kidney trade racket at Apollo Hospital and arrested 5 people for further investigation

According to the officials, it all began with a disagreement between a couple over non- payment of money. A middleman was also involved. The middleman had sold the wife’s kidney and the man was yet to pay the dues to her husband. The wife was very sad with all this happening because she has lost one kidney and also she was short of money. As the middleman got involved in the incident, police officials took the matter in their hands and whole incident came out in public and the police also understood what all was happening.

It is a gang who is always looking for patients willing to sell their kidneys in exchange of money. They had paid Rs. 25 lakh for the kidney, out of which around Rs. 2.5 lakh was given to the middleman. The police are still not able to understand where does all the money go, and also believes that more people are involved. The gang has been luring people from different places from a very long time.

Randhawa said, “The operations were conducted at Apollo Hospital. Organ transplant rules mandate detailed documentation and their verification. The gang forged documents to make it seem like donors were relatives of recipients. They would use the ID card of a family member of the recipient, with genuine details such as address, and change the photo. The investigation also raises question marks about the hospital’s staff.”

According to the law, the kidney transplant can only take place between relatives.

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