Kerela Schools Getting Cheap WiFi Connections

Wi-Fi connections have been made as a part of promises in many agendas by many governments. The fair pledges that the governments come up with or make during the elections meet with unfair ends. In most of the cases, such promises are never fulfilled owing to the bigger pictures that the government had shown to the public. It’s not as if the government does not fulfill any of the promises that it made during the elections; however, such fulfillments appear quite trivial compared to the major ones. Moreover, other issues that erupt are that the cost that is covered exceeds the budget of the state. In such scenarios, the state makes sure that just the necessities are covered and the other things are either delayed or totally snubbed from their promise list.

Surprisingly, the government of Kerela that had promised for wifi connections in government schools has taken up this job quite seriously. Around 10,000 lower primary and upper primary government schools in Kerela will be getting 2Mbps wifi as they had been promised broadband internet. This initiative would begin from November 1 as it is observed as the state’s Foundation Day. This event was confirmed by one of the state’s official who said that this project would be providing the broadband internet connection to almost 5000 high schools, higher secondary schools and educational offices.

“With the addition of broadband internet to primary section also, the state’s school broadband internet network will cover over 15,000 connections and this would be the largest and first of its kind in the country,” Sadath added. High tech schools initiative has been a part of many government’s agenda and the state minister of education C. Ravindranath has reealed that ICT infrastructure upgradation in the primary section is the foremost step on their part. These ICT tools will help in urgrading class 8 to class 12.

“The lower primary schools would get the new ICT textbooks prepared on Edutainment platform titled ‘Kalipetti’ (Play Box) in November. The ICT training for all primary teachers is all set to commence from October 24. Along with this, IT@School would also provide a comprehensive Digital Content Collection, prepared on Free Software platform exclusively developed for the primary section,” said the minister. At a very low rate is the scheme being provided to the schools. An estimate of Rs 5000 per year including service tax, unlimited usage of data is being provided to the schools.

Via Hindustan Times

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