A new face being given to Education in Kerala

Education has been given some serious thought this time by Kerala minister in the name of ‘UL Guru‘. It is a known fact that Kerala is regarded on the top when it comes to determining the literacy rate of our country. However, where it is mere numbering, what gets left to see is whether there is actual education over there. People might get to attain degrees, however, the quality and standard of education has always remained in question. There has hardly been any change made in the pattern of education in the state, something which the minister has brought into notice.

Labour Minister T.P. Ramakrishnan pointed out the defects of the standard of education of the state while also putting Kerala on par with the World, especially in education. He further added that a lot is needed to be done in terms of making the children getting acquainted with the modern education pattern. With the launch of ‘UL Guru’, the education platform powered by UL technology solutions and ULCCS foundation in Kozhikode, the minister has hinted the imminent steps that would be taken for the attainment of international standards in primary and higher education. With this move, the government has set aside Rs. 1,000 crore in the revised budget for the purpose, he said, adding that help from plentiful individuals and organisations would be accepted.

A workshop ‘Converge 2016’, was also held for the students who had completed Standard X as the first programme of the UL Guru platform. Dean of the School of Management at Bennet University Saji Gopinath was the keynote speaker at the workshop, which had various sessions that were handled by Lajish V.L. of Calicut University, Sreejan S.V. of Government Higher Secondary School, Perambra, and Director of Entrepreneurship at Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University T.P. Sethumadhavan.

Many have applauded this kind of launch touting it as a good model set for the state education. One of the members of the Legislative Assembly, A. Pradeep Kumar, said ULCCS would be another step over intellectual leadership in developing the Government Higher Secondary School at Karapparamba to international standards on the lines of the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School at Nadakkav. Other important utilities have also been asked for in Kozhikode for children. These demands are under renovation yet an assurance for the establishment in the Government Higher Secondary School.  The academic standards with the development of infrastructure may not be a must, but it is a good step for something good sought for.

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