Education to go digital in Kerala schools: Kerala government plans to launch digital text books for students 

A Shajahan, secretary of Department of general educationEducation forms an important part to build up the desired lifestyle incorporating all the optimistic features. Hence, it’s essential that the students should find the ultimate interest while studying that would help them to manage the successful position. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the digital medium has become an effective way to set up a better platform revealing the positive approaches.

Keeping this in mind, Kerala Government introduces the digital textbooks that would be the inspiration for all the students to study acknowledging a complete new world. A. Shahjahan, Secretary, Department of General Education revealed that the new program would be implemented from the next academic year helping the students and even the teachers to develop a concrete infrastructure for education. About 3.7 million students including 2 lakh teachers would receive the benefits of the scheme and the private schools are even ready to share the e-books with proper hardware and software support.

Approximately, over 5,000 tablets have been ordered that would sum up to an average cost of Rs.2,000 for each one. The e-learning centers would be established as different schools equipped with the suitable backdrop helping the software to execute in the right way. Students would be allowed to make use of the tablets without spending any additional fee and thus they can easily get acquainted with the system.

Kerala Government has announced the digital textbook model that would carry a real user-friendly structure helping the newbies to success. At present, the new scheme would become active in the High Schools, as in Kerala almost all the institutes are supported with a suitable Broadband connection. The e-books would be scanned and would become successfully updated. Once, you click on the particular marked areas all the necessary details would be displayed on the screen for learning purpose. You can get the audio and visual experiences that would carry a better explanation of the subject wise topics. The videos would consist of the authenticated information from the experts who would reveal the facts in the most interesting way. You can get access to the details from more than 1 person that’s useful to understand the thing eliminating all the confusions. Therefore, learning would come out with the smarter outlook and more number of students would become engaged to the procedure improving the overall status of education. In this way, the Government can ensure a glorious future of the society that would be free from any sort of malpractices.

Taken as a whole, it divulges the real time importance of IT that’s essential to give rise to the advanced features. Sometimes, you may think that IT is not at all good for society but here it’s shown that if the technology is utilized properly it would definitely bring in success. The e-books would be available both in computers and in smart phones enhancing the comprehensive platform with the better visibility. Recently, the children can also access the textbooks at any place, as they can get the computer at home and the portable smart phones from their parents.

Finally, education would come out with the distinct attributes and the Government really takes the great decision for the well-being of the humanity.

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