Kerala Government Approves ‘FLAIR For Research’ Project

Flair for research project

The faculty members who possess a flair for research in higher educational institutions located in the region of Andhra Pradesh have got a reason to celebrate. The reason to celebrate is that the government has sanctioned the ‘FLAIR for Research’ project. The main motive behind the project is that it supports and facilitates the undertaken research initiatives.

The scheme has been launched as part of the Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research programme by the Higher Education Department in the academic session 2015-16. An amount of Rs. 21 lakh is expected to be spent on the newly launched scheme. Earlier in the year 2013-14 during the first phase of FLAIR Teaching-learning component received the rapid increase and preference. Ten persons (FLAIR members) will be eligible to receive the benefits of the programme, with an outlay of Rs. 7.26 lakh.

P. Jaikiran, Programme Director said, “There would be three components in the FLAIR for Research scheme, which include travel grants for presenting research findings in national/international conferences, fellow visit programme and excellence awards in research.”

Advantages of the Scheme

Firstly: Not only this but the faculty members who have carried out their research during the span of last three years but rarely got a golden chance to attend conferences so that they can present their work. From November 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016 the selected faculty members can attend the conferences or workshops in India and abroad.

For them a budget amounting to Rs. 11.85 Lakh has been sanctioned to give them a chance to do the presentation and for this they will be offered Travel Grant scheme.

The proposals submitted by the faculty members will be evaluated by the team of experts. Kindly Note: Only the members of FLAIR are eligible to participate in the scheme.

Secondly: Another plus point of the ‘FLAIR fellow visit programme’ is that the faculty members can get participate in high quality research projects wherein they will be offered chance to visit National and international Labs for two weeks time. For this the candidates will be selected on the basis of their research portfolios and also the strength of their proposal for the lab/institution visit.

From November 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016 the selected faculty members can visit laboratories/institutions in India and abroad. On an initial basis if selected the candidates will have to identify the laboratory or institution. Thereafter they have to seek permission from them for the visit programme.

Financial support will only be provided for 16 days time inclusive of the travel time.

Thirdly: The last component of the scheme is ‘FLAIR Excellence Awards in Research’. The person will be selected on the basis of the contribution made by him /her in the field of research. Dr. Jaikiran said that significant research contributions will include patents, research findings having industry applications, research findings that offer solutions, those that impact various spheres and also those related to new discoveries.

REWARD: On the whole five faculty members will be selected for the award. The selected candidates will be given a grant of Rs. 50,000 each. Candidates can utilise the same for purchasing books/research journals in their respective department libraries or for purchase of materials/equipment’s for laboratory use in the institution.

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