Kashmir: Heavy snowfall stills Education, Exams Postponed

Someone’s heaven might be someone else’s hell. The old saying is verily applicable for people residing in Kashmir where even the basic necessities have become impossible to have an access to. The condition is such that people are stuck between saving themselves from severe cold and arranging for their everyday needs. A recent survey at every freezing place showed the deteriorating circumstance with which people have to go through. The outsiders might be considering it an opportunity for their transitory visit so that they could get a moment of their life. What they are oblivious of is that people over there are going through bad situations even in the name of basic necessities. The water supply has been reported to be continual; the houses are covered with snow and the owners of those houses have to make sure that they keep brushing out the snow so that their houses do not get snow-stuffed.

The snow-covered roads are the living examples of the gruesome situation. To derive beauty of nature out of these situations would be utter stupidity. Lack of good provisions by the state government needs to be pondered over. It is the state government that has not been chalking out plans in advance to meet up the requirements when winters along with its haunting features arrived in Kashmir.

The predicament is not only extended to the living conditions; the students are facing tougher problems in the freezing month of January. Their inefficiency in concentrating for their upcoming exams can be understood. So much so is the ambit of the problem that it has been decided that the exams would be postponed.

Owing to conditions of heavy snowfall in the region, Kashmir university had postponed all university examinations for professional and undergraduate courses which were to be held on 9 and 10 January. The new examination schedule shall be notified separately. The examination for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) and Fazilia courses, however, stands as per the previous schedule.

The entrance test for admission to B.Tech/B.E. Lateral Entry and M/Pharm (Non-GPAT candidates) will be conducted by the varsity on 14 January. The test was earlier scheduled to be held on 11 January.

Kashmir is experiencing a severe winter this year with the mercury dipping to sub-zero level. The prolonged chill waves and the heavy snowfall have brought daily life in the region to a standstill. However, this has proved to be a boon to the tourism of the state as enthusiastic tourists from across the country are flocking towards the valley to witness the snow clad heaven.

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