Karnataka Student builds ‘Bee My Guide’ app for the visually impaired

bee my guide app for visually impairedA 12th-grade student, Pavan Chitta from Greenwood High, Bangalore has built an innovative app called ‘Bee my guide’. The main motive behind developing this app is to help the visually impaired people as it helps the people to understand what is exactly happening around them. The app aims to make visually impaired people more independent in nature as they will be aware of what is happening around them. Also, it will help them gain a sensation of vision through visualization by the use of the app. The app comes with a lot of features like My Vision, What’s around me, My Stuff, My Location, Check My Money, My Weather, and many such features.

The idea to develop such app struck in Pavan’s mind when he visited a unique restaurant “Dialogue in the Dark”. In this restaurant, he got a chance to sit and eat in the darkness and also interact with the visually impaired people. By the time he was done with the dinner, this whole incident left an impact on him. It was after which he started thinking of different ways as to which he can help these people. He tried to meet visually impaired people to understand their life in a better way. So, it was after those interactions that he came up with an idea of an app.

Pavan said, “I am hoping to expand this mission and eventually come up with a smart cane, which has the same functionality as my current app along with echolocation to detect distances from objects. In this technological era with a cognitive explosion, wherein even cars will be able to navigate themselves in the near future, the potential for innovation in the field of helping the visually impaired is endless. It is only when you walk in someone else’s shoes and immerse yourself in their daily life that you understand the difficulties they face.”

Trustee of Greenwood International school, Niru Agarwal, said, “We are very proud of Pavan Chitta and commend his dedication to helping the needy in an innovative way. We applaud his dedication and hard work and his relentless efforts have set an example for his peers. At Greenwood High, we ensure to encourage and support the budding talents and do not leave any stone unturned to help them realize their dreams. We provide the students a well-rounded platform and allow them to grow and excel and will continue to do the same.”

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