Karnataka locals demand 23% reservation in IIT Dharwad

A demand has come from the Congress-led Karnataka government to the Centre to bring some changes in the IIT- Act. The demand is to reserve 25% seats for local students at IIT-Dharwad. For the academic year, 2016-17, it will be offering B.Tech in three core spaces which are Electrical, Computer Science, and Mechanical. And IIT- Bombay will be mentoring IIT-Dharwad.

Not only this, the state government also want an IIT for the backward district of Raichur and has asked them to recognize those courses which are offered by the Karnataka Open University. They want them to support them in starting railway engineering courses and also flying schools in their state.

Karnataka locals demand 23% reservation in IIT Dharwad

Basavarajrayareddy, the State Higher Education Minister, said, “IIT Dharwad was made functional from August 1. Only seven students have been selected from Karnataka. Local students should get the benefit. We are contributing so much for this IIT, 25 per cent reservation should be given to Karnataka students.”

Already, the State government has contributed by giving them 500 acres of land free for constructing of IIT Dharwad. Also, some of the courses are running there. The State has also requested the Centre to formally inaugurate the IIT by the end of this month.

The KSOU has been derecognized by the UGC and all the laws have been amended and are now also in line with the UGC. Mr. Reddy said, “We requested the government of India to grant recognition to the Karnataka Open University at the earliest.” He also said that there is a possibility that an IIT or an IIIT will soon be established at Raichur which will help in the development of the backward classes. Help has also been sought from the Union Civil Aviation and Railway Ministers and they have been requested to support the idea of flying schools.

The flying club school was set up in the year 1960 and it no longer functions. This is the reason that the State government has requested the Centre to look into the matter.

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