JNUSU strikes back as varsity allows provisional academic registration

JNU students who were suspended last month have been given a green signal for their upcoming admissions in the next semester. Nine students were suspended for causing disruptions in the council meeting in December. JNU Students’ Union seeks to demand the revocation of the suspension and has decided to go on a two-day strike for the same. “This is a positive hope for us but we have decided to go on a two-day strike demanding that the decisions of the council be rolled back and suspension of these students be revoked,” said JNUSU President Mohit Pandey.

The administration has been issuing warnings to Mohit Pandey against holding any strike or demonstration at the administrative block. Also, the administration has issued several show-cause notices to Professors and students. The suspended students have been allowed to go ahead with an interim registration till the disciplinary committee comes out with a report.

An inquiry was initiated last week against professors for addressing protest gatherings at administration block. Five professors have been issued with notices. The notice stated, “It has been noticed that one of the posters, calling for a public meeting at the Administrative Building on January 9, has mentioned your name as one of the speakers. You are hence requested to respect and follow the statutes, rules and regulations of the university.”

Pandey was also issued notice today wherein the administration clearly warned him for his conduct in the University. The notice stated, “You have been found to be repeatedly and periodically violating the university rules by organizing protests in the prohibited areas. You are cautioned to refrain from doing so failing which appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against you.”

JNU has been in controversy for lot many issues this last year. Representing concerns and issues of students through protests and demonstrations has been daily affairs in JNU. Under such circumstances only were these students suspending while causing disruptions to the Academic Council Meeting. The administration’s decision to allow them for admission has caused some relief, however, this may not last forever till the committee’s decision is out. Pandey, however, is on his own agenda of protesting again against the suspension of students. Pandey has been issued nearly a dozen show cause notices till now for organizing similar protests.

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