JNU approves proposal to hold Entrance Exam in December

Jawaharlal Nehru University conducts university level entrance examination for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D programmes every year. The entrance exam is usually held in the month of May every year at different centres located across Delhi. However, from academic session 2018-19 onwards, the entrance exams will take place in the month of December and also the aspiring students will be required to deposit an increased entrance examination fee from this very academic session onwards.

The two proposals were approved in the recent meeting held on December 23; the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Academic Council has approved the proposal to advance the schedule of its entrance examination. It has also approved the proposal to increase the entrance examination fee to be collected from the aspiring students who wish to seek admission in the much renowned university. The Academic Council approved the two proposals amid stiff opposition by the Left-dominated JNU Students Union.

As per the revised schedule, it has been proposed that the first slot of entrance examination should be held in December from the year 2018. But, the increase in the entrance examination fee will be brought into effect from the entrance test to be held in May 2017. However, after the opposition from the JNU students Union, it was decided that no fee shall be increased for the students belonging to reserved category. For time being, the decision as to how much fee will be increased is still awaiting!!

In regards to the weightage for admission in M.Phil and Ph.D programs, it is shocking that despite majority support in favour of viva-weightage reduction, the VC declared that since there is no consensus, the matter be left to the discretion of centres if they wish to reduce viva weightage or maintain status quo.

Students are of the view that being a public funded university increasing the entrance examination fee is unjustifiable. On the other hand, the union holds the view that the proposal will again be taken into standing council for consideration because the proposal has not been taken out as per the pre-decided procedure.

JNU Students Union president Mohit said that the students normally complete the final semester of their respective undergraduate or postgraduate programmes by April. If JNU holds entrance examination in December, how will a student in final semester will take this examination. He also underlined that since the papers are not taught in the same sequence through different semesters across the universities, JNU aspirants will be deprived of equal opportunity in such case.

The Council decided that the AYUSH fellowship holders will be allowed to take admissions’ and also that the ‘AYUSH degrees can be considered for equivalence by centres. But, no specific course on AYUSH will be started.

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