Jharkhand in the fire-pan just like Bihar over massive exam scam

jharkhand exam cheating scamThe recent Bihar topper scam was yet to get erased from people’s memory when a new controversy erupted from the neighboring state, Jharkhand. The moment Bihar witnessed one of its embarrassing situations in educational field, the chief minister of Jharkhand could be seen firing bombardment and questioning the merit factor of Bihar. However, the tables in this embarrassment game turned again this time and an unappealing picture has been brought at the frontage where the students of the RS More College in Dhanbad can be seen cheating during their Class 11 exams.

The video which was recorded and is now an evident of the mass cheating scam has unfolded literally everything the authorities have been denying. The photos excerpted from the video can be seen.

jharkhand exam cheating scam

Students were involved in unfair means in the college campus and around 100 students were seen sitting close to each other and writing their Class 11 examination. Dearth of space in the college has been attributed as one of the major reasons by one of the examinees who said that they all sit outside as almost all the seats are occupied.

jharkhand board exam scam 3

Apart from this, the college authorities have also admitted to fewer rooms in the campus to accommodate all the students. However, there are dissenting opinions too. “I cannot see anyone cheating. The students are honestly giving their examination. The capacity of the college is not much. Two students should sit on one bench, but as of now four to five students have to adjust on one bench. It is a congested place,” said Manoranjan Gupta, the college professor.

There are various views on the cheating that allegedly took place. Where it is said that students were seen taking bags and mobile phones inside the examination hall, the professors of the college denied it saying that they are not allowed in the campus. The mocking criticism of Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) scam was such that Das had earlier on June 27 said that students of the neighboring state could protect their career and credibility by studying in the education hub of Jharkhand.

The backfire is such that now the integrity of the Jharkhand educational state is in question. The ugly scam of Bihar further gained prominence with the arrest of Ruby Rai, a Political Science student, who could not identify the nature of her subject and associated it with cooking. BSEB chief Lalkeshwar Singh and his wife were arrested in the Bihar merit scam along with several others. Now, hat is to be seen is whether these allegations are actually true or just a deliberate attempt to malign the state authorities.

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