Jharkhand Govt comes ahead for Higher Education of Tribal Students

Jharkhand government has decided to make the life of the tribal children hassle free. For that matter, the government has now decided to take security guarantee when it comes to such processes. The state government is now ready to take into consideration the security guarantee for the children who are ready to study further. This will be done by them after they generate a fund for the same.

The proposal was approved by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das. He held a meeting with the Secretariat and during the meeting, the proposal was approved by him. Till now, it was seen that loan was provided for an amount of Rs. 7.50 lakhs. In that case, the government asked for guarantee for approving these loans and the state government has now decided to jump in between to secure the future of these students.

It was also discussed in the meeting that they will be soon generating an amount of Rs. 50 crore. And that amount will be generated in the name of a yojana, also called as the Mukhyamantri Higher Education Fellowship Yojana. By doing this, everyone will be benefitted and not only a certain caste of people.

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