Jawaharlal Nehru University adopts ‘e-governance’ system

JNU e governance systemIn order to promote the online mode of administration the Jawaharlal Nehru University officials have decided to adopt the e-governance system to avoid any hasty paper work. Nowadays, any file, which ends up at JNU Vice Chancellor office ended up being returned to the personnel with a stamp on it stating “kindly send through e-office system”.

The varsity has adopted an initiative to avoid any kind of paper work and has computerized everything whether it’s the registration process for students, recruitment of staff or any kind of communication between the departments. The university Vice Chancellor Sudhir Kumar Sopory revealed to the local newspaper that, “We have established an e-governance cell to streamline operations and utilize the resources in an optimal way.” He also mentioned that the varsity officials faced a kind of resistance from other departments hence they have introduced the stamp stating to use the online mode in order to put pressure on the departments.

In order to install the e-governance mode for the official purposes, the university has collaborated with Accel Front line Ltd. from Chennai for the development process while Wipro will be acting as a technical consultant to the university. The university has established a separate cell for the maintenance of the administration regarding the e-governance mode. The cell has developed several modules like Manpower Information Management System, Student Information Management System, Financial Information Management System and Library Information Management System. However majority of these systems are at ‘User Acceptance Test’ stag.

Also, to achieve the efficient output from the university’s administration with the help of computerized operations, the university has developed ‘JNU Intranet portal’ and ‘JNU private cloud IT infrastructure.”

Mr. Sopory stated that the decision made by the university officials to diminish the heavy paper work of the administration and to install the e-governance mode has reduces the time, usually consumed by the papers and files for official purposes. It has also proved to be useful for proper utilization of “manpower resources”.

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