Another Militant Arrested From Kashmir’s Baramulla, Aadhar Card Recovered

Police has also recovered Aadhaar card from militant, the card is yet t be verified
Police has also recovered Aadhaar card from militant, the card is yet t be verified (Image Courtesy –

On Saturday, the Jammu and Kashmir police arrested a militant from Pakistan. The militant belonged to the Jaish-e-Mohammad organization. For a while, they have been operating in North Kashmir where it was found that they have been using the fake id. Besides the fake id, they also managed to get an aadhaar card for themselves. The militant was arrested from North Kashmir’s Baramulla.

The police said that Abdul Rehman was arrested on Friday evening. Apparently, he belongs to the same organization which was involved in the Pathankot attack. According to the sources, Abdul Rehman belongs to Muzaffarabad and he arrived in the valley in February. Since then, he is a part of the Jaish-e-Mohammad group.

Meanwhile, the police in the region is busy in finding out whether the id card is fake or the real one. One of the police officers said, “The card is computer made, we are trying to ascertain whether it was a fake card or the militant had managed to get an original one from the authorities.” Later in the day, a statement was also released which said, “The militant is part of a Fidayeen squad that had infiltrated in the month of January this year from Kupwara sector. Rehman was trained in Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp which is located in Balakot Pakistan.”

Though the police is happy with the arrest and they have also called it as a major success, at the same time, they are also worried about the aadhaar card that they have recovered. In case the aadhaar card turns out to be the real one, then this is a matter of security breach. The aadhaar card has its name as Shabir Ahmad Khan, son of Ghulam Rasool Khan. The police also believes that the militant had worked under two different names which are Saad and Shahid.

Since the month of February, he is the second one to be arrested. In February, another militant by the name of Mohammad Sadiq was also arrested from Baramulla. At that point of time also, the police recovered an aadhaar card, which they believe is the reason behind their escape from the security points.

The police said this organization has been trying its best to set up a base in Kashmir.

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