It’s time to hire permanent teachers in Central Universities

Relying upon ad hoc, assistant, and temporal teachers have started to become a pattern in central universities. While India strives strongly to generate its roots as a developed country, it still runs on a rough pathway when it comes to the reality of central universities. This has been a persistent issue and came on the visibility front since past few years till date. Smriti Irani, the former Human Resource Development Minister had also addressed her concerns about the empty posts in central universities.

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The Government has expressed concerns over vacant teacher posts across Central Universities, but the need of the hour is to find a permanent solution

As recorded, the certified teaching posts in 39 central universities under the view of University Grants Commission (UGC) were 16,692, out of which 6,251 posts were exposed as unoccupied. Due to the drastic as well as persistent vacancies in central universities, the former HRD Minister came up with a new initiative where teachers were expected to be re-employed ahead of the age of 65 to 70 years on a contractual agreement.

In the words of former HRD Minister, re-employment beyond the age of superannuation shall, however, be done selectively, for a limited period of three years in the first instance and then for another further period of two years purely on the basis of merit, experience, the area of specialization and only against available vacant positions.

“Operation Faculty Recharge” scheme was implemented for intensifying the education resources of various universities to embark upon the scarcity of teachers in the institution of higher education organizations. As per the new recorded status, 35% of overall teaching posts still remain vacant in central universities. This steals our attention towards the very issue of constant vacant seats at most of the university levels. This definitely calls for our thought process to heed to the ongoing shortage of teachers in central universities across the country.

In 2016, information revealed by HRD ministry mirrored that 53% of professors’ posts remained unfilled. Even though measures by University Grant Commission (UGC) have been taken to restrain the issue but as of real, not many improvements were seen. Prakash Javadekar, the present HRD Minister, reveals, Orissa Holds the zenith rank with the maximum unfilled 88% teaching vacancies.

The central government needs to stiffen its hold over the matter of teaching vacancies and to move forward its welcoming hand towards the permanent teachers and not the other way round. The progression of satisfying appointment for the permanent teachers might turn out to be a profitable move in particular timely manner to ensure immediate changes and development. But in order to lead the nation’s education graph in the constant upward direction, new hiring values are meant to be implemented based up on the seat availability, experience, and qualification for future affluence in the field of educational universities. Teachers ought to be treasured with the appropriate opportunities and the right set of circumstances in the wake of nation’s expansion.

To conclude with, the more the amplified ratio of teachers in the government universities, the more improved number of educated students would evolve out of the government universities.

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