It’s 2016 and Sikhs are still facing racism in Canada

Whenever I decide that I would not write or discuss any further on racism issue, some or the other issue graciously come forward and make me encounter some more horrors forcing me to pick up my pen again.

Brampton flyer, racism against Sikh communityAs I was going through the news today, I came across a headline that read Racist posters denouncing Sikh turban distributed in Canadian university. My first reaction just after reading the headline was: yet again!!When I ventured through the details, they were somewhat like this: “A racist poster targeting Sikh turban, distributed in the University of Alberta, Canada has invited wrath from the Sikhs. The poster titled “f*** your turban” features a picture of a turbaned Sikh man and states, if you’re so obsessed with your third-world culture, go the f*** back to where you came from.”

The flyers that littered around the campus were later removed by the University but, the damage was already done showing that racism on a deeper level still exists, no matter how much we deny it.

The World Sikh Organisation of Canada condemned the racist posters. David Turpin, president of the University of Alberta, said all of the posters that were brought to their attention have been taken down and any new posters will be removed.

Similar posters appeared two years ago in Ontario and are a pathetic attempt at drawing the spotlight to deplorable views that have been rejected in Canada. Despite the claims on this poster, Sikhs are an integral part of the Canadian fabric and we are proud that many turbaned Sikhs serve Canada in the federal cabinet, armed forces and many other capacities.

racism against Sikh in Canada
Racist Poster against Sikhs

Be it India or abroad, we are always taught say “NO TO RACISIM” which India or other nations had been fighting for generations with education and knowledge. Personally I was brought up in an environment where respecting everyone with the dignity that they deserved was taught. We all are the creations of one god, then why discriminate on the basis of color, religion or country to which they belong. It sometimes in fact becomes painful for me to even imagine that people could be called inferior due to their caste and could be asked to go back to their country on the basis of the religion. Sad it is.

I always thought that education brings civility in the society. But then the next morning I wake up to a dream, No I was wrong!!

What I see here are ghettos not just of physical spaces but also that of the mind and a primitive society wherein a superiority complex is still prevalent in the majority White people across the world.

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