Is education really the Joan Of Arc for the poor?

When one talks about the condition of education in today’s time, there are more questions than answers to it. It is clear that education is important; this clarity was never argued with. If an individual is educated, it is assumed that he is capable enough to handle his life on his own. That individual is aware, therefore, aware enough how to face the predicaments and other aspects of life. That is the power of education. Your education is like your spine sending signals to the brain on how to function. Enough of this technicality; let’s get to the point.

Education and Poverty

Undoubtedly, education is important but the other immediate question that pops up is how much of it really is. What can ‘amount’ of education drag one out of his morose condition? (In case, one is still wondering, morosely refers to POVERTY here). Some are educated to a certain degree but that does not help them battle with this vice. Is education directly helpful in eradicating poverty?

Education is something which gives people skill, skill to provide the job and to get out of that rugged hole they’ve been living in for ages and solve poverty, inequality and stagnation. The major contradiction to that is there won’t be enough jobs for everyone but with a little more production, the level of spending and investment will rise, forcing to increase the production, thus more labor as the lack of a literate and skilled workforce restricts business ability to generate higher growth, better profits and more jobs.

Poverty is not just a monetary issue; it is also concerned with the well-being of a person, the hygiene, health, improving the social system. Education provides them with the desired information and improvises the condition of society as a whole; bringing down the birth rate and so the death rate, thus less burden on poor parents, proper precautions from communicable disease and increasing working hours, so the wages. Poor ignorant class doesn’t even know the job opportunities available to them. The Indian education system is massively flawed, as we don’t teach to solve the problem but what it requires is the “quality” education, for human capital development. The school becomes an engine of economic transformation, providing children from challenging circumstances into comfortable lives.

Education and Poverty

It might lead to income inequality for a period of time if no others reform is taken but at the same time it’d bring up the food at the table of the poor. But what lacks behind is financing the education; opening up of schools doesn’t help unless given proper staff which hits the pocket of taxpayers, no wonder why education policies render not very good results. Education helps in gender equality, increasing the workforce of women and so increased family earning. Think of A P J Abdul Kalam, it is his education that shined his life and many others lives.

With education, a person learns social skills, healthy habits-personal hygiene etc., and helping to tap greater potentials. It provides values which can be exchanged for money. But if we consider poverty just a state of mind because people are unable to earn what they want then education can never solve poverty but it is one of the greatest weapons to stop people being the victim of poverty and providing poor a decent standard of living.

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