Indian School team wins NASA space settlement design contest

A group of 12 students from Amity International School, Noida has brought the name of their school as well as the nation in attention to the world by winning the 20th Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) 2015 which was conducted by NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States of America. By winning this prestigious competition, India became the only country in Asia continent to qualify the final round of International Space Settlement Contest.

nasa space settlement design contest
Amity International School students celebrating their success

12 students РDhruv Khanna, Rishab Srivastava, Tanay Asija, Mudit Gupta, Grishma Purewal, Anuj Harisinghani, Abhas Vanish, Suchit Jain, Anant Chaturvedi, Rahul Rajput, Aabhas Vaish, Anuj Harisinghani from Amity International School won the opportunity to compete with the students across the globe.

In between August 2-4, a group from Amity International School appeared for the final round of International Space Settlement Design Competition, 2015. According to the Principal of Amity International School Reenu Singh, the following students together with the students from Latin America and North America were grouped in a company called ‘Vulture Aviation’.

International Space Settlement Design Competition

This contest is organized every year coordinated by NASA in order to bring young minds interested in aerospace technology. Students from 6-12th grade are eligible for the contest in which students divided in small group submits their design ideas for settlements in space. These entries are then shortlisted by NASA authorities for qualifying rounds. The best design is then awarded.

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This year, NASA has put forth the challenge to design a model city with settlement of over 10,000 people in space. The group of students from Amity designed two main settlements with accommodation of 24,000 as well as a transient of more than 3000 on Mars planet. A transparent material ‘Aluminium Oxinitride’ was provided to the students for the project.

Main aspects, which the students come across while designing the project was Operations Engineering, Automation Engineering, Marketing and Finance, Schedule and Costs. After working for 48 hours, the team brought the design to the panel. Amity International School Chairman on this occasion announced¬†that, “We are proud to have such brilliant students who have made their country proud with their talent and hard work. We had been participating in this competition for past eight years now, but this year we finally made it to the top.”

One contestant brief a local newspaper about the project. The Mars Space Settlement was named as ‘Argonom Bult’ proposed to be built inside a crater depending on the soil and the atmospheric condition. He also added that building a settlement of 24,000 people in space would cost NASA 1,225,571,360,000 dollars. Students narrated that it took around a year long dedication to reach to the top of the competition.

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As per the NASA official, this competition is conducted in order to impart skills in the young generation and also to also this competition would prompt high school students to opt for aerospace engineering.

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