Indian Researchers paid the highest at Facebook Bug Bounty Program

Facebook has paid Rs. 48 million to Indian security researchers (bug hunters) as a part of its bug bounty program. The amount paid is the highest till date by the social networking platform for such a program. It can be seen as a result of this program that India has the maximum number of researchers that worked for this bug bounty program.
Adam Rudderman, technical program manager on the Bug Bounty team, said, “India has long topped the list of 127 countries whose researchers contribute to our bug bounty program. It also holds the top position for the country receiving the most bounties paid.”

facebook bug bounty program
Source : Facebook Bug Bounty Official Page

Facebook said, “India hosts the largest number of security researchers who have participated in the bug bounty program since its inception in 2011. Around 205 security researchers from India have contributed till now. India has also received the largest amount of bounties paid.”

Facebook’s teams recently came to Goa along with bug bounty teams from Google, Microsoft, Bugcrowd and Mozilla to thank Indian researchers. Besides that, a number of companies from all over the world came to Nullcon 2016, Goa, one of the largest information security conferences. Here, Facebook did mention that they have come to meet especially the researchers who have contributed a lot in the Bug Bounty program. India is currently at the top in the list of 127 countries.

Facebook also mentioned that they were looking for quality rather than quantity. They believe that a researcher should pay close attention to the bug and the kind of impact it might make. They also said that their main motive is the security of its users and they suggest that those bugs should be considered which have high impact on the users.

A bug is an error in software or hardware that affect the functionality of a programme. These bugs can crash the system and cause unexpected results, if not fixed on time. Under the program launched by Facebook, researchers get paid for reporting the security bugs and identifying the vulnerabilities in the system.

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