Indian Govt Plans to make 98 Cities “Smart” by 2020

Creation of a smart city is not only about creating the physical infrastructure, other things like education, better job opportunities should also be delivered to its citizens which is still a dream for many even after seven decades of Independence.

Smart City project by India govt
Prime Minister Modi launching “Smart City” project

The wait is finally over for some which brought good news for few Indian states while on the other hand for many other states the dream of transformation might have got shattered. On August 27, 2015 the Government lifted the curtain from the list of 98 cities that will be part of the ambitious Smart Cities project. Government has planned to invest over 3 lakh crores in the next five years to make the enlisted cities ready to tackle with the new challenges of urbanisation.

13 cities which are the highest in all states of India have been selected from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Second highest has been selected from the state of Tamil Nadu. The very first step i.e. the approval by the cabinet was the easiest but it will be followed by many tough challenges.

The very big challenge will be to create self-sustaining cities which provides ample job opportunities to their inmates along with good and competitive educational system by using their available resources wisely so that the future generations do not suffer due to lack of availability and also to make equilibrium between demand and supply.

Features of Smart City:

smart city features

To make the dream of smart cities a success government should keep a strict watch over the implementation of their plans which they have in their mind to achieve till 2020. Initially, govt may give their best attention towards:

Education sector: Smart Cities is of utmost importance for every country and need of the time. For the country like India which is on the path of development since last 3 decades has the urgent requirement of some smart cities. All the smart cities should possess everything which makes them look SMART. Education sector should be the first and utmost requirement for the smart cities because in absence of a good education system this is hardly possible to become smart. Government must take proper care in creating new smart schools, colleges and technical and professional centres so as to fulfil the rising demands of young brigade.

Business Sector by establishing new physical infrastructure: Government should formulate such policies which are business friendly and attracts more and more public and private sector agencies across the world to establish and invest in these smart cities securely which will in turn will give rise to employment opportunities to the young generation in these region during the course of time.

Young India: The Smart Cities Project is a real big opportunity for young generation to stay attached to their own city rather than migrating to other avenues in search of better educational and job opportunities. When these cities will be fully developed and new opportunities are created, then they will become the examples of growth and will attract more and more people not only from India but also from abroad thereby automatically solving the issue of liveability satisfactorily.

The dream of “Start up India, Stand up India” will become true in its original sense!!

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