India ready to launch 5 British Satellites on 10 July

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) gets ready to launch 5 British satellites as a commercial mission on 10th July 2015. ISRO official revealed on Sunday that they are accompanying Atrix as the commercial arm that would be the effective option to set the procedure. Overall, the weight of 5 satellites would be like 1440 Kgs and would get launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) located at Sriharikota.

india to launch 5 british satellites on 10 JulyOn Friday 10th July PSLV-C28 3 DMC3 Optical Earth satellites that are being developed by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), United Kingdom. 3 satellites would carry a total weight of 447 Kgs that needs to be handled with proper care. Other 2 satellites are CBNT-1 weighing 91 Kgs and De-Orbitsail weighing 7 Kgs. Till now SPOT-7 is identified as the heaviest single satellite from France that has been carried by PSLV rocket.

For PSLV-C 28, it becomes as 13th flight that would be launched by ISRO. All these launches would be made using high-end version of PSLV that’s PSLV-XL. And ISRO will be using such high-end version for 9th time coming out with the positive outputs.

Dr. K Radhakrishnan, ISRO chief says that it’s a big challenge for them but they are confident that the mission would finally become successful. It would become the heaviest mission in the history of ISRO and scientists have completed all the tasks that would make the entire process easier. Certain devices are designed by scientists such as:

* L-adapter

* triangular Multiple Satellite Adapter-Version 2 (MSA-V2)

Overall, ISRO is completely ready to go ahead in their mission launching the British satellites.

Basically, DMC3 consists of mini satellites DMC3-1, DMC3-2 and DMC3-3 that are designed to meet the spatial resolution along with better form of temporal resolution Optical Earth. Also, there is 120 degrees phase separation option that would be useful monitoring every part of Earth with an early indication of any form of disaster. Hence, it would help to develop a better urban civilization along with optimistic approaches.

In this direction, scientists are going to create a different episode and Earth can be saved from tremendous disaster maintaining the ultimate civilization. Advanced technologies today there are being implemented in the right way ensuring that ISRO is capable to manage the launching of 5 satellites from UK.

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