India ranked among 10 worst countries for Expatriates to work and live

Once again, India finds its place in the top 10 worst nations for expatriates to live in, as per the survey by International Expat Insider- 2015 with the aim of determining the best places across the globe for the expatriates to work and live in. Almost 14,000 peoples participated in the survey in order to explore the social way of life for expatriates around the world, India finds its place in the bottom list of global ranking. Various factors were considered during the survey by the experts such as social life, working environment and many more.

Out of 64 countries surveyed for living situation of expats, India ranked 55 performing well in some categories like personal finance securing 9th position globally and cost of living in which the country scores 11th rank. According to the Expat Insider Survey, the major category which brings down India to 58th place out of 64 nations globally are “Quality of Life Index”. Stressing on some of the subcategories like ‘safety’ in which the country secures 59th place, ‘transportation’ in which the country holds 54th position and last but not least ‘leisure’ securing 59th place among all the survey countries, the officials mentioned that these categories were the major drawbacks for Indian subcontinent.

International Expat insider survey  2015
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However, considering the above subcategories, Ecuador grabs the top position in the global rankings. According to a report, 94 percent of the expats mentioned that Ecuador is the best option to stay in as a leisure along with the 91 percent who stated that they are satisfied with the living cost in the country. Mexico holds the second position in the global ranking because of its friendly peoples, excellent working conditions, beautiful beaches. Over 90 percent of the expatriates were satisfied by the friendly behaviour of the local people of Mexico.

Usually four out of ten expats move to India for job related purposes. Most of the expats holds managerial posts in India. It is seen that maximum number if expats stays in India for less than 1 year making it twice the average of expats in any other country. This year a new category was being included in the survey – “best place for women expatriates versus men”. India however fails to qualify in this category and ranked 53rd as compared to male expatriates for whom the country proved to be more favourable.

The country also proved to be worst place for kids of the expatriates, out of all the parent expatriates in India only less than 5 percent mentioned that the local conditions for the kids in India are very good.

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