India to seal its Pakistan border with 5 layer security

india pakistan border security
India has started working on securing its border with 5-layer lock

To make sure that the likes of Pathankot attacks do not happen again, India is planning a 5-layer lock at its Pakistan border. Once this lock becomes successful, this will work as a filter and will deadlock any type of infiltration from Pakistan to India. This bold step came after the recent terrorist attack that took place in the Pathankot airbase and the kind of remarks that were made by Pakistan blaming India for the attacks.

The Centre has decided to setup a five layer security plan on the border between India and Pakistan which is as long as 2,900 km. The plan is all about having round-the-clock surveillance that will be in action soon with the help of a sophisticated technology. This plan will totally lock the Western part of India so that it helps in preventing the attacks like that on Pathankot airbase and other smuggling acts.

Besides the above mentioned technologies, India will use night vision cameras, thermal sensors, battlefield surveillance and also underground monitoring sensors. The project is very costly in nature but the result of the project will be outstanding. The technology that will be used here is high class, it also tends to alert the control room in case the device does not work properly at any point of time.

There will also be laser barriers which will be placed along the side of the border and they will help the defense forces in tracking the movement of other side. These laser barriers will cover around 130 unfenced sections, including the areas from Jammu Kashmir to Gujarat, as these are the areas which are often used by the infiltrators, so tracking it would be a better idea.

The system is also known as the ‘Comprehensive Integrated Border Management’, also known as the CIBMS. This programme has been approved by the government of India.

An official from the ministry said, “CIBMS would also help security forces catch those who help in infiltration from the Indian side of the border, as the radars would have 360 degree coverage and the cameras would work day and night looking on both the sides.”

The officials also believe that this is the only solution if we want to avoid any such terror attack in the future. It has happened for the first time after independence that India is planning to completely lock its western borders.

Two weeks ago, the work on the pilot project was started on a stretch of 5km, after which the government approved 30km of installation, each in Gujarat and Punjab.

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