India needs proper infrastructure to engage Nobel Laureates in Teaching

We can absolutely second the statement by Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan that “India doesn’t have the required infrastructure to engage Nobel Laureates in teaching.” He said this while he was present at the CC Mehta Auditorium in Vadodara, Gujarat. He was in the city to interact with the students in Vikram Sarabhai Science Block.

The interaction was fruitful as many students participated in the conversation. The above statement was made by Venkatraman to the media after he met with the students. He said “China has witnessed a dramatic improvement in its infrastructure, for instance, its cities like Beijing and Shanghai. But India does not have that kind of infrastructure. If any visiting professor comes, he or she has to stay here for a couple of weeks or months for that infrastructure improvement is necessary.”

He spoke highly of the colleges and institutions that India has at present which was terribly missed in his days. His Alma Mater is MS University and owing to his contribution to Chemistry, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for the same subject in the year 2009. India, he says, is doing pretty well in terms of creating some of the best institutions; however, the infrastructure can be looked into. Intellects or gems of the country that had left India decades ago want to return to the mainland and that talk a lot about India’s growth and development.

The potential India has is competent to any part of the world and the brain drain can be seen in reverse order if we take more interest in the enhancement of the infrastructure too.

Few points he raised during the short conversation

  • The government should keep investing in science and simultaneously also work towards economic growth. As the economy grows, there will be more funding to science and there will be visible improvement in the sector.
  • Research output is the outcome of better research; hence better facilities of research should be made available.
  • He emphasized on the amalgamation of Science and Management for outstanding research.
  • He didn’t stay far from endorsing digital transaction, backing his logic to anti-corruption move.

The concerned authority should make the right move in order to get the infrastructure improved. The statement made by the Nobel Laureate should act as an eye-opener for the country.

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