India most prone to risks of rising sea levels- UN report

According to a latest report by UN, almost 40 million Indians are at risk because of the rising sea levels by 2050. It has also been noticed that the people in Mumbai and Kolkata are the ones who are getting exposed to the coastal flooding the most. According to the report, this has happened due to the rapid urbanization and also because of the economic growth. The report also tells that 7 out of the 10 most vulnerable countries are in the Asia Pacific region. And among those 7 countries, India tops the list, and after that it is Bangladesh and 25 million people living in Bangladesh are at risk. After Bangladesh, it is China where 20 million people are at risk and after that it is Philippines where 15 million people are at risk.

According to the Global Environment Outlook, it will affect mostly the south east Asian countries. A report by the Press Trust of India said, “ Some countries such as China, India and Thailand, are projected to face increased future exposures to extremes, especially in highly urbanized areas, as a result of rapid urbanization and economic growth”. It further added, “Many of these cities are already exposed to coastal flooding, but have limited capacity to adapt due to their fixed location”.

The UN said that all the countries need to focus on the population which is at risk from sea level. Some other reasons such as the change in the settlement patterns and also the socio-economic status of the people of the country is also responsible for this.

As it can be seen that the urban areas are getting exposed to such change in the climate, in the same way now the coastal areas are also getting affected and typhoons and cyclones can be seen occurring on a regular basis. And it is because of this that the negative people are getting most affected as they do not have a place to live and they live on such lands.

This year, from 23 May to 27 May, a UN Environment Assembly is taking place, and this report was published ahead of the same. The main agenda of the conference is to address the issues which are critical to the environment.

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