Indian, Chinese Armies holds Meetings to improve relations at Border

india china border meeting in ladakh
Officials from both side taking part in Border meeting held at Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh

Recently, a meeting was held by the Indian Army Officials with its counterpart China where both the counterparts pledged to build cordial relationships. They met along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as the senior commanders held two border meetings in the Ladakh region. They met in China’s PLA at Daulat Beg Oldi and Chushul in Eastern part of the Ladakh.

In recent years, Depsang valley, an area of Ladakh, has seen several incidents of incursion of the Chinese troops. The incursion attempts arise because each of them has different perception about the LAC. After the meeting, both the sides came to a conclusion that they will adhere to the treaties and agreements on improving relations at the border.

The Border Personnel Meetings, held on the occasion of Harvest festival, are of utmost importance for both the regions. An official said, “The delegation parted amidst feeling of friendship and commitment towards enhancing the existing cordial relations and maintaining peace along the LAC. Both sides also sought to build on the mutual feeling to uphold the treaties and agreement signed between the governments of the two sides to maintain peace and tranquility along the LAC.”

The Indian delegations were held by Brigadier Rajendar Rai in Chushul and by Colonel BS Uppal in Daulat Beg Oldi whereas that of China was held by senior Colonel Wang Jun Xian and Lt. Col. Duan Yu Gangin at respective places. The meeting was marked by the soldiers saluting national flags of both the countries, which was followed by the ceremonial addresses delivered by leaders of the two delegations.

This all was done in a cordial manner, with the exchange of greetings and wishes and reflected the mutual desire of understanding and maintaining the relations. After this, a cultural programme was also organized, showcasing the Indian culture and a traditional grandeur was also organized.

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